More Testimonials.
Hey John,
I just finished reading your July issue. You have spelled out exactly why most people fail when trying to make money online.
Better yet, you show people how anyone can start right now to duplicate your success without needing any special knowledge.
I also like the fact that for such a low price you are allowing people personal access to you to answer their questions and even mail their products to your list!!
That last part is money in the bank. I know that from personal experience with you.
Hey John

I bought my very first eBook off of you from eBay many a year ago when I was unaware of the possibility of making money online and it really opened my eyes to the potential of the internet and eBay to create a full time income online. I fully believe that if I'd never bought that eBook from you on that day then I'd never have learnt how to earn online and wouldn't be making the money I am today.

Since I bought that eBook I've remained on your lists, bought virtually all of your products and been in contact with you through your forum and email. I owe a lot of my current and I'm sure future success to your methods and advice and that's why it's so great that you're offering your mentorship to the public for such a low price.

Thanks a lot

Hi John

Well, what can I say? As soon as I heard about PlanetSMS Mentorship Monthly, I could tell that it was going to be great. Not only that it has been created by a great person, but also the value is outstanding. At only $10 per month, you will be begging John to raise the price. It was also very informative, easy to understand, but also nice to see videos as well. This product is truly great and everyone will benefit from it.

Well done John! Keep up the great work.